PyHelper it's an automatic documentation generator. It helps developers generate documentation for their softwares in a simple, fast and flexible manner. The Software automatically searches the source codes and generate documentation for them. And since it can use several skins to produce different outputs (not just on appearance, but in formats too!) you can easily give it the look you want.

The skins used by PyHelper are normal Python modules, so everyone that knows a little of Python can make their own skins. All PyHelper do it's analyze the source code and generate an internal representation of the data. The internal format it's intented to be extensible at all languages, since they use different representations and sintaxes, and then we can use this representation to display the data in the best way to fit language's standards.

All kinds of contribuitions are welcome. If you're a programmer and want to help in development (not just Python coders, since I want to extend PyHelper to the most languages possible, I'm looking for programmers to help adapt PyHelper to their languages) you can send me a e-mail

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