PyHelper it's an automatic documentation generator. It helps developers generate documentation for their softwares in a simple, fast and flexible manner. The Software automatically searches the source codes and generate documentation for them. And since it can use several skins to produce different outputs (not just on appearance, but in formats too!) you can easily give it the look you want.


This is the internal representation of the source code. We use the parsers to analyse the given source codes and store them in a object called codeobj.

The codeobj holds all data we'll use to documentate every entity, and functions to tell us how to manipulate that data. This way we can generate a documentation that best fits the language's standards.


The skins are simple Python modules (a simple file or a collection of files that contain Python code) used to render the raw data collected by PyHelper. Since we can do everything with Python code (well, almost...), the skins will not change just the look of documentation, but will allow you to write documentations in a illimited range of different formats.

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